COMEDY GIG: I Started an Open Mic in Pasadena!

Every comic needs a clean set. They’re not gonna let you talk dirty on Conan no matter how funny you are. Come work on your clean comedy set at…

Caffeine and Cackles: The Clean* Open Mic

This is actually our 4th month! We’ll be doing it every month on the 3rd or 4th Thursday.

Thursday, August 23rd
6:30 pm Sign-ups
7 pm Show
Rose City Coffee
2302 E. Colorado Blvd,
Pasadena, CA 91107

Get a guaranteed a 7 minute set and your line up position choice with your advance sign-ups here:

6:30 pm walk-ins get a 5 minute set.

*Clean comedy means it’s acceptable for TV. No topics are off limits but the challenge is to talk about those topics without getting censored. Can you kill without profanity? Come work out your material!